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“Water protectors are everywhere.” Those words came this morning from Jenni Monet. Jenni Monet is a journalist from Laguna Pueblo who has been reporting on the water protectors protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock in Cannonball, ND since last September. I reached Jenni Monet this morning by telephone for breaking news and an update on her arrest of February 1st.

Jenni Monet said that the ND officials and the National Guard accelerating the protectors’ camp evacuations, starting today, intend to moved 50 industrial dumpsters out of the main camps a day.

She mentioned divestment as a powerful ongoing tool of resistance.

 Wells Fargo Bank is the second largest financier of DAPL parent Energy Transfer Partners with more than $400 million invested The first American cities to approve fossil fuel divestment included Seattle, Washington whose city council voted unanimously to divest last week. Seattle was followed by Davis, California. Their Wells Fargo divestments amount to $3 billion. Cities including Minneapolis, Minnesota; Boulder, Colorado, Portland, Oregon and Santa Fe have indicated they are considering divestment from Wells Fargo Bank as well.



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Senator Cisco McSorley has had success in moving two of his bills through the NM Senate as the Legislature reaches the halfway mark of this year’s 60 day session. Sandra Fish reports.

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Mayor Javier Gonzales delivered his State of the City address last night. Subjects covered included early childhood education, a raise for city employees, and Santa Fe's new resolution to be a "welcoming city" for immigrants.

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Yesterday, a federal judge denied the Standing Rock and Cheyenne Sioux Tribes’ injunction against President Trump’s move last week to fast-track approval for completing the Dakota Access Pipeline. The ruling means few legal moves remain for those protesting the pipeline, although many have vowed to stay at Standing Rock and continue their opposition. This morning, I spoke to Santa Fe attorney Jeffrey Haas who has represented members of the protest movement.

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Across the U.S., hundreds of people have been deported in the last week in immigration raids that President Trump called a keeping of his campaign promises.

In Santa Fe, Mayor Javier Gonzalez previously vowed that the city will remain a so-called sanctuary city. But local advocates are going a step further.

Last night a resolution to strengthen Santa Fe’s status as a “welcoming” community for immigrants cleared a major hurdle in the city Finance Committee.

KSFR’s Hannah Colton has this look at one family in Santa Fe's immigrant community.

A note: the version of the resolution that passed in committee last night removed the term “sanctuary” in favor of calling Santa Fe a “welcoming” community.

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Today's story on IRS impersonation is the second in Mary Lou Cooper's series on tax scams by individuals masquerading as IRS agents. Here are some surefire ways to know that you do not actually have an IRS employee on the line. Tax scams in New Mexico amount to more than $100,000 a year. But that's mild compared to California, which clocks in at $11 million in the scams.

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and a coalition of groups that wants to increase opportunities for New Mexico children is staging a Circle of Love  at the Roundhouse.  Groups including New Mexico Voices for Children, Moving Arts Espanola, the American Federation of Teachers New Mexico and the Ojo Sarco Community Center plan to gather at 11 am tomorrow on the east side of the state capitol – by the Old Santa Fe Trail.  From there they will join hands and circle the capitol to bear witness to the fact that one out of three New Mexico children lives in poverty.  Deborah Begel spoke to one of the event organizers, Carol Miller.

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The film Neruda looks at the life of the Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize and the Lenin Prize at a time when Pablo Neruda first became an enemy of the state.  Artists may be on the barricades in this country, but Neruda takes a comic oblique nostalgic look at political opposition. David D’Arcy has this review.

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Think New Mexico the Santa Fe based think thank has thrown its support behind HB 250. The bipartisan bill would increase lottery dollars for scholarships for NM students attending institutions of higher learning. Rob Morlino reports.

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Establishing an Internet sales tax has been much in the news as a revenue generating measure that has won bipartisan support. Santa Fe Representative Carl Trujillo’s HB 202 is expected to advance to the House Taxation and Revenue Committee tomorrow or Monday. Dylan Syverson KSFR’s news assistant has the story.

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